11 Nigerian Soup You should know how to cook

Let me discuss the delicious 11 Nigerian Soup. You should know how to cook.

Nigeria is one the countries with varieties of dishes, surprising these dishes are local dish or intercontinental dish. In fact, I testify that Nigerians has a creative chef such that at any time, they have a delicious meal to create for the audience. Is not a harp, but that’s the true fact.

The variety of dishes found in Nigeria is mind-boggling. Nigerians are also known to adapt imported cuisine to their taste and make it their own.

11 Nigerian Soup You should know how to cook

1.OKro Soup

okra soup
okra soup

Okro soup, also known as Lady’s finger, is one of Nigeria’s common dishes; this soup is mostly cooked across Nigeria.

Ofe Achara Soup - Benefits, Preparation Using Akpuruakpu Egusi (Mgbam)

One good thing about this soup is that the methods of preparation vary; you can fry your okro, while others will add it raw to their soup broth. Also, you cooked it separately and served it with omi obe soup or Nigerian tomato stew; this type of Okro soup is called Ila (Plain Okro soup). It is a quick-cooking vegetable soup and finger-licking good.

2. Egusi Soup

egusi fried method
egusi fried method

Egusi soup is so versatile; you can pair it with a number of other soups. It is nutty and mildly sweet, with the rich oil from the egusi seeds making it taste delectable.

Practically every Nigerian tribe has its own version of egusi soup. for instance, Delta state in the south of Nigerian can’t do without frying their egusi. Egusi is the melon seed that is shelled and ground into a powder before use in the soup.

How to Make Easy Ofe Ugba (Oil Bean Soup) With Okra

3. Catfish Pepper Soup

Catfish peppersoup
Catfish pepper soup

In southeast Nigerian, catfish pepper soup is the favourite dish in the legion. Catfish pepper soup is always high in demand in restaurants, parties, and even in homes.

In some parts of Nigeria, it is mostly prepared for a new nursing mother. The combination of the local herbs makes it perfectly excellent for nursing because it increases the breast milk and heals some wounds as a result of cut doing delivering.

4. Afang Soup

 Afang Soup and Waterleaf
Afang Soup and Waterleaf | youtube

Vegetable afang soup is a Nigerian delicacy originating from the Efik ethnic group in the southern part of Nigeria.

This delicacy is often served at ceremonial occasions such as cultural festivals, weddings, childbirth, and honoured guests.

However, based on the nutritional efficacy, It has spread its wings throughout Nigeria and has been embraced in neighbouring countries.

The ingredients used in the preparation of afang, such as Okasi vegetables, are a great source of rich food, such as vitamins A, C, and K, minerals, and many fibres the immune system required for functionality.

How to Cook Edikaikong Soup (Efiks Soup)

5. Ofe Achara

Ofe Achara Soup
Ofe Achara Soup

Ofe Achara Soup is a delicious Igbo native soup prepared by the people of Abia State in South East of Nigeria. This Achara is loaded with lots of nutritional elements, which help in the body’s function.

The akpuruakpu molded egusi is another way of cooking egusi. It’s best to achieve when cooked with this delicious ofe  Achara.

6. Groundnut Soup

 Groundnut Soup Peanut Soup
Groundnut Soup Peanut Soup

Groundnut Soup (Peanut Soup) is an alternative to Egusi Soup; the preparation is almost similar. The only to differentiate them is the taste.

However, the two procedures of preparing egusi can still apply to groundnut soup.

In my last articles, I discuss in details how to cook the two methods of Egusi Soup ( frying method and boiling method)

7. Ofe Ugba

Ofe Ugba Oil Bean Soup With Okra
Ofe Ugba Oil Bean Soup With Okra | nosakfamili

Ofe Ugba is mostly cooked by Imo and Abia states in South-East of  Nigeria. This delicious soup is prepared with Okra and Ugba. In fact, it is Okra soup cook with ugba. Ugba is called shredded oil bean.

Best Way to Cook Vegetable Afang Soup and Water leaf

8. Rivers Native Soup

Rivers Native Soup
Rivers Native Soup to Health | infoguidenigeria

Rivers state is known to be a gifted state, from oil to varieties of seafood. Rivers Native soup can be amazingly tasty and delicious because of the assorted seafood in them.

This seafood made the soup stands out, remember eating healthy seafood helps lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and increase HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

It also contains healthy fat such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for your body and brain.

9. Edikaikong Soup

Edikaikong Soup Efiks Soup
Edikaikong Soup Efiks Soup
The Nigerian Edikaikong Soup is a native food prepared by the Efiks people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River State.
The research observed that this recipe is among the nutritional soup you can think of. The ingredients alone use in the preparation of the food serves a multivitamin to the body.

Edikaikong soup is prepared with pumpkin and water leaves. However, Pumpkin and water leaves are great sources of vitamins and minerals.

10. Bitter Leaf Soup

Bitter Leaf Soup – Ofe Onugbu
Bitter Leaf Soup – Ofe Onugbu

Bitter Leaf Soup, also known as Ofe Onugbu in the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigerian. Bitter leaf Soup is one of the best serve culture recipes you can think of.

Been a delicious meal; I can’t think of not eating it once a week because you can not replace the unique taste with other Igbo soup. No wonder it’s my favourite soup.

Health Benefits of Eating Ogbono Soup

As the name implies, people think the bitter soup is a very bitter substance, Although the leaves are tough to process. Mostly not suitable for people cooking it for the first time because you will be discouraged.

11. Oha Soup

Nigerian Oha Soup
Nigerian Oha Soup | cookpad
This soup is traditionally recognized in Igbo land, Is a soup of the forefathers. The oha leaves are seasonal leaves, unlike bitter leaf that is common in the market.
The ingredients used in this delicious soup are the same as the bitter leaf; the only difference is the leaves of oha leaf and bitter leaf.
Ora Soup and the Bitterleaf Soup taste so different that it is hard to believe the difference just one ingredient can make in a recipe.
Please kindly share your experience in the comment box below, if you have made this 11 Nigerian Soup
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