Bitter Kola – Improve Sex Drive, Last Longer With Your Partner


Let’s talk about Bitter Kola – Improve Sex Drive, Last Longer With Your Partner.

Bitter kola has been used traditionally to heal illnesses like cough, malaria, lung function. And is thought to maintain an aphrodisiac effect, which aids in enhancing sex performance and makes you last longer in bed.

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Bitter kola is popular and considered high esteem in African countries, mainly Nigeria. However, African men consider chewing bitter kola before sexual intercourse to boost their stamina and make them last longer during sexual intercourse.

Here are the sex benefits of bitter kola with its other health benefits.

Bitter Kola Nut Benefits

Aside from improving your sexual drive, consuming this nut can also provide necessary health benefits to you.

Below are the health benefits of bitter kola:

1. Bitter kola and weight loss

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Weight loss has been an order of the day. Is your belly fat giving you nightmares? Then this nut is for you. Consuming bitter kola will enhance your urge to drink water, and drinking more water provides your food proper digestion. Not just that, bitter also acts as an appetite suppressant, thereby stopping you from always eating, which is also a factor that contributes to your weight gain.

2. Bitter kola for eyes

If you’re regularly having this pressure on your eyeball, you might be at risk of glaucoma, and that can lead to your loss of sight blindness. According to a Lagos University Teaching Hospital journal, eating bitter kola at least twice a day will help to decrease this stress in your eyes.

3. Bitter kola for cough

Constant cough can create a lot of discomfort for you. If you’re encountering this, combine a half teaspoon of honey with bitter kola; take it in the morning and before bed at night. It will aid reduce your cough.

4. Bitter kola and malaria

Experimental researches reveal that bitter kola contains chemical elements that can help to fight malaria parasites. Also, the reason for it being guided by traditional healers for fighting malaria infections doesn’t rely on bitter kola for this; better see your doctor if malaria persists.

Other advantages of bitter kola

1. Strengthens the immune system

Bitter kola is very active because it’s packed with antioxidants. It helps enhance and improve your immune system, thereby effectively fighting and protecting you from any bacteria or foreign disease.

2. Improve strength and metabolism

Having weak stamina can make you always feel tired whenever you engage in a little work. This can harm you in most areas of your life, including your sex life.

Eat one bitter kola in the morning for easy digestion of food, and this will, in turn, increase your metabolism and strength to engage in work/activities throughout the day.

3. Relieves constipation

Constipation can additionally lead to a lot of discomforts. Anytime you notice this feeling. Eat bitter kola, and it’ll go a long way in releasing your body system by extracting the gas in your system.

4. Maintains respiratory function

Bitter kola has been used traditionally for ages to treat cold and maintain good respiratory function. It achieves this by increasing the fibers and tissues in your lungs.

5. Fights STIs

STIs are infections that are transferred through sexual intercourse with an infected person. However, bitter kola contains antibacterial properties that have confirmed effectiveness in battling a sexually transmitted infection.

According to a researcher with the Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency, bitter kola could also treat infections associated with HIV.

6. For arthritis

Furthermore, for people experiencing osteoarthritis, bitter kola can be of great help to you. Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis that influences mainly the joint cartilage and underlying bones, and this causes severe pain and stiffness in those areas.

However, bitter kola has unveiled positive results in decreasing the pains and stiffness in those areas. It allows the joints in those areas to move, according to researchers at Obafemi Awolowo University.

7. Prolongs the life

In Africa, Nigeria, specifically bitter kola, is considered to increase one’s longevity.

8. For smooth voice

Mostly for those in the music industry, some people claim that that bitter kola nut aids to smoothen voice. That is obviously true because it helps to clear a cracked voice. It will stimulate mucus production in your vocal tube, which will result in you having a smooth sweet voice.

Sexual Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Healthy sex life
Healthy sex life

Well, bitter kola has shown to improve sex drive, so if you’re experiencing premature ejaculation, low sex drive, or libido during intercourse, then this article is for you. Bitter kola contains healthy nutrients that can make you perform well in bed.

Chewing this nut 5 to 10 minutes before sex will help you last longer during sex and boost your libido.

However, this might not actually work in people who have an underlying hormonal problem but may work in healthy people.

Notably, if your premature ejaculation is caused by a problem related to your hormones is best discussed with your doctor, who would recommend supplements that will help boost your hormones.

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