How Can I Create Value With Chemical Production (Homemade)?

Let’s discuss, How Can I Create Value With Chemical Production (Homemade)?

Chemical production; the first thing you would consider in business is the value of creation. If a product does not create value, there is no need to bother about making that product.

Only a product that adds value would be bought and go on to build brand loyalty, such that your customers would not buy any other products until they find yours.

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See How you create value with chemical production

For instance, let’s look at a product like an air freshener. Firstly, ask yourself. What do customers want?

1.Perfume/ fragrance:

Air freshener is might fill the air with a fresh smell. So, the perfume that comes out of your air freshener has to be capturing and mesmerizingly fresh.

However, you would want to make sure that the fragrance is not too strong because you don’t want it choking people in the room, or do you?

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2. Packaging:

How do you want to package your air freshener? Do you want to follow what is already in the market or try something new and more creative?

The choice is yours, depending on the target market you are serving. High and low products won’t have the same packaging.

However, you have to decide what kind of air freshener you want to produce, what purpose will it serve? Where will it be used?

Is it meant just for cars? or do you intend for it to use only at home or in the office? Is it for more open places such as hotels, public events? All these determine how you will produce and package it.

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3. Pricing:

The next factor is to consider is pricing. There are two ways you can determine pricing for your products.

Who are you selling to?

Is it an exclusive target market or the general public?

An exclusive market won’t mind paying a lot of money to get the best product.

However, if you are selling to the general public, it is usually good to use the prevailing market price of any of the products.

Most importantly, you have to consider the cost price of buying those chemicals, your packaging container, customized stickers, and other things involved.

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This means your cost of production is what will determine your selling price.

Is necessary to add up all your cost and divide by the liters you produced to get the production per liter.

Create Value With Chemical Production – Some chemical production safety tips

If you have a background in the sciences, you may have worked with or heard the names of some or all of these chemicals. 

Most chemicals like hydrochloric acid (HCL), hydrogen peroxide, and caustic soda are very toxic and need to be handled with care. You must make sure to keep them and other chemicals completely out of children’s reach. 

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In my next article, we will take more on chemicals, measurement, and functions.

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