Easy Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

Let’s make a delicious sautéed lamb with scallions.

Stir-fried mutton with scallions is a traditional dish in old Beijing. The cooking effort is mainly in the combination of heat and seasoning.

The finished mutton is smooth and tender, delicious and not smelly, thick with oil and juice, and has an endless aftertaste after eating.

Ingredients on Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

  • 300 grams of lamb tenderloin 
  • 2 sticks of green onions 
  • 2 petals of garlic
  • 2 egg
  • 3 grams of dried chili
  • water starch (a little)
  • 10gram rice wine
  • 10gram soy sauce
  • Salt to taste 
  • White pepper (a little)
  • Cooking oil (Appropriate amount)
  • Slightly spicy to taste
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Steps on How to Make Easy Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

  • Get your ingredients ready.
  • Slice green onions obliquely.
  • Mince the garlic.
  • Thinly slice lamb.
  • Add a little rice wine, salt, and water starch to the mutton, and mix well.
  • Add half of the egg wash and mix well.
  • Make seasoning sauce: soy sauce, remaining rice wine, salt, white pepper, white sugar, and a little water, and mix thoroughly.
  • Take the oil pan, heat the pan with cold oil, put the dried chili, and stir-fry until fragrant.
  • Put in the mutton, add garlic and shallots, and stir-fry over high heat until the meat changes color.
  • Add the sauce and stir quickly to combine.
  • Take out of the pot and serve on a plate.
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Stir-fried mutton with scallions mainly highlights the word “explosive.” After the meat is put into the pot, it must be cooked quickly with high heat.
This is the most authentic and correct way to make mutton with scallions.
Because the firepower of the stoves used in the home is relatively small, if the firepower of the mutton over one catty is made, the firepower will be reduced immediately, and the meat is easy to produce soup, so the quality of the dishes is tough to control.
As long as you master three points, you can achieve high quality:
  •  First, the mutton should not exceed 300 grams, and the amount should not be large.
  •  Mix the meat with the seasoning in advance to taste.
  • Heat the pot. After the meat is put into the pot, stir-fry it with high heat a few times. The meat will come out of the pot immediately when it is broken so that the quality of the dishes can be guaranteed. The key to the stir-frying process is the speed of cooking.
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Ingredient Selection

This time, lamb tenderloin is used, and lamb with scallions can generally choose sliced ​​lamb hind legs. The mutton slices should not be cut too thin, about the thickness of a penny so that the taste will be more fragrant.

Scallions to choose the white part of the scallions, first cut the white parts of the scallions into hob pieces with a knife, and then peel off each layer of the onion skins of the scallions with your hands to make them lose flakes so that they can be heated evenly and cooked quickly.

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This method of processing green onions can make the green onions break immediately after being put into the pot, and it is not easy to collapse the seedlings, and it will still taste crisp.

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