How To Generate Traffic Using SEO in 2021

So here we are today after many talks and sharing perks on how to generate affiliate incomes from health affiliate networks.

I discussed with you some proper and most appropriate ways you can create profits, but they are not complete without traffic.

It is like building a house without people to live in it. But here is a thing, I am going to show ways possible and the ones that I personally use to generate traffic to my blogs.

So without further ado, I am going to cut to the chase to get you started right away. Just make sure you read to the end.


Why Do You Need To Generate Traffic? 

Well, you need the traffic to generate income; traffics can come from bots (machines) and real humans. We are talking about real humans here. This will help you scale as you want and make money the cool way.

Traffic from sources like google and Pinterest is perfect for generating traffics. That’s why I will be focusing my energy and help you to understand how they really work.

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Generate Traffic Using Google AKA SEO.

How To Generate Traffic Using Pinterest and Google

SEO is simply Search Engine Optimisation. It can drive real human traffic to your website and make them take action on anything you want.

This is the same thing I am doing here by showing you how to generate traffic using SEO. The circle goes on, and on till there is no end.

So, how exactly do you make your site available for people to access, asking them directly?

You do something we call optimization.

You optimize your blog for Google to access and make them available to people looking for solutions. They can’t find your site if it is not solving anything.

Make Your Site Ready By Submitting It To Google.

One of the primary ways of telling people that you are solving problems is to let Google know your site is up and live by submitting through what is called google search console.

After that, you have to further ease google to navigate through your website by making it easy with the article structure, and below are ways to do so. 

Title Optimization

SEO begins with the title of your article. No matter how important the piece may be, the title has to be optimized for Google to fetch and show to people looking for that solution.

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The title is what they see first and next description.

If you set the title correctly and don’t exceed the viewpoint, you will get lots of clicks, and Google will love your solution and rank it over others.

Below are the qualities of a title tag.

  • The title must be between 57 to 65 characters long or 11 words maximum
  • The claim should have a date in it for people searching to know what they are looking for and know it is updated.
  • At least one power word should be included in the title for a higher click-through rate, e.g., Easy
  • Use more of YOU words than I references: In other words, let the title say much about the finder
  • The Title Should Include the focus keyword, i.e., the words people are likely to search on google


Descript has to do with a short overview of what your article is focusing on.

A good title should contain at least 157 characters or less for google or any other search engine to fetch.

As well, humans should be able to understand this because that’s the second thing they see in search results.

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Unlike Title, your description should also include the focus keywords at least once or twice.

It helps Google understand the topic you are optimizing and show it to your potential audience

So, craft great ideas for descriptions and don’t craft for search engines alone but


Headings comprise three sections of your article. They are H1, H2, and H3 tags.

All of these tags help your readers flow with your articles and enable you to structure your article for search engine bots to really understand.

However, if this is misunderstood and done the wrong way, it will lead to the Google penalty and get your article flagged for misappropriation of title.

So, how can this be done in the right direction?

Use one H1 for Your Blog, i.e., the default title of your article.

Use More of your keyword’s in the H2 tag and use them as your subheadings to help google understand the purpose of your article

H3 Should be used as sub-sub headings for explanatory or titles under H2 tags, i.e., subtitles the H2 tag.


If you have a list of items you want to add to your blog, you use a bulletin to do that too easy reading for your audience.

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They must know it is a list rather than breaking the lines.

Image Optimization

Your images, before you upload them, should be renamed to your blog post title to increase your chances of ranking. A crucial aspect of image optimization is the Alt tag. The alt tag tells search engine bots what it is and makes them understand it’s the association with the article.

Also, the images should not be downloaded from another source, if downloaded from another source, make sure to add the links to its respective owner’s website.

But, always make sure if not all, but most of the images should be attributed to you.

Image size; Your images must not exceed 100kb in size; you can export your images in jpeg format for better quality and small image sizes.

Permalink Optimisation

Make your article link short and memorable by humans easy to crawl by search engines, avoid underscores, date, or time in the permalink.

Your permalink should be three words, long or less.

The word or Paragraph Optimization

When writing your article, make such each heading doesn’t have more than 300 words per paragraph and not more than 20 words per sentence.

Keep it short and concise to read and understand.

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Keyword Placement

Well, you have to be very sensitive here and because of keyword stuffing.

Repeating the focus keyword in a paragraph more than two to three times may cause your article flagged for keyword stuffing.

So you want to make sure all your sections contain at least not less than 3 of the focus keyword.

The keyword should be present in your headings that are both H2 and H3 tags. They should appear in them at least four to five times in lines throughout the article.

So, today, I will drop my pen and pick it up to write about generating traffic using Pinterest. It the most comfortable way if well understood and implemented in your strategies.

It will more free traffic and target than usual. So, I think I have helped you to know how this works, and you got some adorable basic ideas of how search optimization works.

I advise that you seek advanced knowledge of SEO by enrolling online academy that will help know how all of these aspects of SEO works.

There is more to it just like mathematics and not too complicated if you learn it well.

So, do make sure to bookmark this page or the blog for more updates, don’t miss out on the Pinterest traffic.


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