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How to Make Easy Effective Toilet Wash

How to Make Easy Effective Toilet Wash
How to Make Easy Effective Toilet Wash

Let’s show you How to Make an Easy, Effective Toilet Wash.

Toilet wash cleaners are formulated to remove hard stains on your toilet bowls that ordinary soaps or cleaners cannot remove.

Maybe your toilet bowl is no longer presentable for visitors and friends because of stubborn dirt and stains. The key to a sparkling toilet bowl in our homes and offices is good maintenance using toilet wash cleaners. 

Today, almost every household and office use one form of toilet wash or the other.

You can make a huge amount of money from this product  (liquid multi-purpose toilet cleaner) if you can produce and then sell using a good marketing plan. 

Many homes, offices, and public places in our country are in dire need of this product.

With a little capital, you can start up and be on your way to meeting this huge demand and change your financial story for good. I need you to see the big picture as you embark on this venture. 

How to Make Easy Effective Toilet Wash

The formula below should produce for you 8 liters of effective toilet wash. 

Chemicals Required

  1. Natrosol 150 grams
  2. Caustic Soda 1/16kg (62.5grams)
  3. Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) 1 liter (undiluted)
  4. Sulphonic Acid 700ml
  5. Perfume 30ml 
  6. Color small pinch (your choice)  
  7. Clean water 8 liters 

Soak your caustic soda 1/16kg in 1 liter of water 1 hour before you start your production. 

Production Process of Effective Toilet Wash

STEP 1: Dissolve Natrosol 150grams in 6 liters of water and stir it well for 15 minutes. 

Add your already soaked 1 liter of caustic soda into your natrosol and stir very well for another 10 minutes; you will observe as your natrosol will thicken.  

STEP 2: Add your sulphonic acid 700ml into your natrosol and caustic soda solution and stir it very well for 10 minutes to blend well. You will have a really thick solution now.  

Next to add is your HCL; make sure to tell your chemical seller to give you raw, undiluted HCL. Please be very careful when handling this acid. 

STEP 3: Fetch out 3 liters of your mixture, add hydrochloric acid HCL 1 liter into it and mix gently to blend; then add it into your main mixture and stir everything well for 15 minutes to blend and be smooth.  

(Pour the HCL into the mixture you will fetch out gently; don’t be in a hurry when  working with hydrochloric acid) 

STEP 4: Dissolve your preferred color with about 100ml of water, add it to the solution, and stir everything well for 10 minutes. 

STEP 5: Add 30 ml of your preferred perfume to the mixture and stir very well  for 10 minutes 

Cover your production and leave the mixture to settle for at least 6 hours, and then you can package it into containers for sale to your customers or use in your home or office.



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