How to Produce Easy Multipurpose Liquid Soap

Let’s show you How to Produce Easy Multipurpose Liquid Soap.

Multipurpose liquid soap is one of the most used detergents in Nigeria today; I am sure you use it yourself.

It has become an easy preference for many in washing clothes, kitchen utensils, toilets, mopping of the floor, and most household cleaning chores. 

The usage is also found in car wash centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cleaning and laundry outfits, and many other places.

This is simply because it requires less energy, makes washing enjoyable, and of course, has better penetration on fabrics and other surfaces than powder detergent. 

The multiple uses of liquid soap, which makes it a high-demand product, presents an exciting business opportunity that anyone with the right training can venture into with little capital and start making huge money through volume supply. 

Multipurpose liquid soap is an everyday requirement product that is used in all seasons. Many Nigerians have now turned to liquid soap for domestic use, hence making liquid detergent production a fast-moving business to grab and make short and long-term cash. 

Use this formula below to produce 15 liters of quality liquid soap; Make sure you follow each step carefully and put it to practice. 

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Chemicals Required for Multipurpose liquid soap.

  • Natrosol 1/16 kg: cleaning and thickening  agent
  • Caustic Soda 1/32 kg: stain removing and  thickening agent
  • Soda Ash 1/2 kg:  cleaning agent
  • Sulphonic acid 1/2 liter: foaming and cleaning agent
  • Texapon 1/2kg: is a foaming booster agent. It helps to form micelles  that allow non-polar  materials like oil to be  dissolved in water
  • SLS 1/5kg (200grams): helps to break  surface tension (surfactant) to allow  better interaction with  other chemicals; it is also  a very effective foaming  agent
  • Cooking Salt 250 grams: helps to reduce soap  elasticity
  • Perfume 40ml (use lemon for this production): adds a pleasant smell
  • Colour 1 small wrap: helps add visual beauty  to your product

Things to Note On Multipurpose Liquid Soap

The formula I am about to teach you is unique, so pay close attention and follow all the steps carefully to produce high-quality and thick liquid soap that foams and cleans very well.

For excellent results, it is best to produce this soap at night and leave it overnight.

You will be wowed with the result in the morning.

Even if you can’t produce at night, once you finish mixing your chemicals, leave your soap to settle for at least 6 hours for the best results.

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If you’re not in a hurry to use the soap, leave for up to 24 hours to settle well.

Production Process of Multipurpose Liquid Soap

STEP 1: Soak caustic soda 1/32kg into 1liter of water an hour before production. 

STEP 2: Soak soda ash ½ kg into 3 liters of water an hour before production. Soak at the same time you soak caustic soda. 

STEP 3: Soak SLS 1/5kg (200g) into 2 liters of water an hour before production. AFTER 1 HOUR

STEP 4: Dissolve Natrosol 1/16kg into 8 liters of water and stir very well for 15- 20mins. Add your natrosol gradually into the water and stir as you do. Once you add natrosol to water, keep stirring it, and don’t leave your natrosol inside the water to do other things; it will form lumps. (BE VERY MINDFUL OF THIS  AND TAKE NOTE, OR YOU END UP WITH LUMPS IN YOUR SOAP). 

STEP 5: Add your already dissolved caustic soda into natrosol solution and stir very well for 15mins. 

STEP 6: Add your already dissolved soda ash into the solution and stir well for another 15mins.

STEP 7: Add your texapon 1/2kg into the solution and stir for 20mins.

STEP 8: Add your already dissolved SLS into the solution and stir well for  15mins to blend well. 

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STEP 9: Add your sulphonic acid ½ liter and stir very well for 15mins. Once you do that, leave your soap to clear and settle for at least 2hours before you proceed. It will have plenty of foam at this time. 

STEP 10: After 2 hours, when your soap settles, dissolve your cooking salt  (200grams out of the 250grams) into ½ liter of water and add to your soap solution.  Stir very well for at least 15mins. Your soap should be really thick at this time. 

STEP 11: Dissolve your color of choice into a small quantity of water like 100ml and add to your soap. Stir very well to blend. Try and watch it, so you don’t add too much color, be mindful of this.  

At this point, you have over 14 liters of soap. You can add like 1 liter of water and stir very well to blend if you want your soap a little lighter. Be careful not to add too much water no matter how thick your soap seem at this point, or you end up with a watery soap. If you must add, wait until after 6 hours before you do that.

STEP 12: Lastly, time to add your perfume to your production. Fetch 1 liter of your soap and add your lemon perfume to it, stir well before you add to your soap, and stir everything for 10 minutes to blend.  

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Cover your soap and leave for at least 6 hours if you are in a hurry or for 24hrs to settle very well before packaging. After 6 or 24hours, if you want your soap to be thicker, add your remaining 50grams of salt in STEP 10 to it, but if okay, leave it like that. 

Depending on your choice of perfume, if you decide to use lemon perfume,  kindly scoop out a little quantity and follow the process in Step 12 above. Lemon perfume is known to make soap watery when you add it directly into your production. You can decide to do the same with other perfumes too. 

NOTE: Most laundries don’t fancy color in liquid soap because of the many white clothes they wash, so if supplying to a laundry, ask them if they want you to add color. 

In such a case, you will use white color (whitener) or even leave it colorless if they don’t mind. Ensure to get details in any supply situation. 

Follow the simple steps outlined above carefully and  pay attention to your measurements and I promise you 

will produce a quality and thick soap. 

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Even if you have never produced liquid soap, you will surely end up with a perfect quality liquid soap that will foam and clean excellently.

Things to NOTE on Multipurpose Liquid Soap: 

The idea of adding salt to soap is strange to some persons; it may be to you too. Salt has been added to soap for a long time; it is also added to bar soap to help it cure faster and also harden. 

In your liquid soap, salt serves as a thickener, preservative, and even helps to clean; remember how we use salt to wash fruits before eating; some persons add salt to the water when washing clothes to prevent them from leaking color. 

Now, you can decide to produce your liquid soap above without using cooking salt,  use the exact formula and quantities above and replace your salt with sodium benzoate. 

Sodium benzoate is a preservative, and it’s a good addition, especially if your soap will last more than 3 months. 

Use 30grams in your 15 liters production; when you get to STEP 10, mix your sodium benzoate in 100ml of water, add to your soap, and stir very well to blend. 

Every other production step stays the same. 

Try the 2 production styles, with and without cooking salt, and share your experience.  

Perpetua Lucy
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