How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Pinterest in 2021

Today, we are going into different methods of generating affiliate incomes, and that’s with Pinterest. The Pinterest way of doing affiliate marketing is way much different from the way it is done using just social networks. No doubt, every social network has its strategy and the way it works. 

What is Pinterest By The Way?

Are you kidding me? You have not heard, or you know what Pinterest is all about? Well, I doubt so. Let me explain in a layman’s understanding.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are operating, so does Pinterest, but differently entirely. Pinterest lets you visually share content that might interest persons. For other social media, you post content; in the case of Pinterest, you pin content. You can pin videos or Images to your wall and optimize them for persons searching for related content to see.

On Pinterest, you have boards for different topics. This allows you to group content according to their category or niche entirely. The board also helps you to know which type of pinning an item. 

That’s that for knowing what Pinterest is all about, let’s get down to business.

All Requirements to Get started With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

Canva – Canva is a graphic design too (online), you will be using this tool to create graphics that fit the aspect ratio of Pinterest so that anyone viewing it can easily see its message.

How to Optimize Pinterest Post for Traffic?

A Blog – On your blog, you will add these graphics and make them pinnable on Pinterest. Also, it will serve as a mini funnel where you can collect emails and send users to their product landing page — killing two big birds with one stone.

Pinterest Account – You will need a Pinterest account to pin your graphics and create boards for them. An Old Pinterest account will be much better to help drive traffic better.  But if you are creating a new one, it is also good because I will be showing you how to optimize for better ranking and Visibility.

Affiliate Links – This setup is not complete without your affiliate links from your affiliated merchants. 

How To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Links Using Pinterest.

Now that you have all the Pinterest traffic generation requirements, I will be showing you the step by steps to get you a compelling Pinterest profile and drive good traffic.

I created a domain just for this tutorial and will be using it along the way. I might need to hide some information, if not all, but you will get the necessary details possible to get you started.

Step 1; Get your site ready for PIning and Analytics.

You need to claim your website on Pinterest so that you can get all the analytics information as they are being passed on.

Log in to your Pinterest dashboard, and click the three dots, navigate to Edit settings>claim, enter your web address and click on Claim.

From the pop-up, choose Add HTML Tag and copy the code given.

Add the code to the <head> or header of the website. If you don’t know where the header is located, you need to contact a web developer to help you with that.

Once the code is added, submit the request to Pinterest and wait a few days or hours to get your website verified by Pinterest.

Step 2: Set up your Profile Or Brand Name;

Your Pinterest profile is never complete if you don’t correctly set your profile bio, which states the value and purpose of the pin.

Go to edit profile and craft a handy description with a title that fits your niche, once you are done, hit the done button. Don’t forget to add your logo.

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You might want to connect your social profiles such as Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram. They only allow those three. I guess this part is a piece of cake.

Step 3: Start Pinning and Creating Boards

You have your profile updated, and now you need to start pinning to drive some attention. You need first to create the pin you want to post using canvas. Canva has lots of templates that you can choose from, and they are free to use. 

An example of such Pin is

How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Pinterest in 2019


Once you have a pin created, you can log in to interested and hit the read + button, but before that, you will have to make sure that you have your blog post ready with its affiliate links added or adequately.

Now, hit the plus+ button.

From the next page you have;

Title: This the title of the pin you want to post and should contain the keywords of your target audience. 

Description: Here, you need to craft a handy story to help users best understand what your pin is all about.

Boards: This allows you to add pins by groups categorically.

Add Destination Link; This where you add the link to your article or affiliate links

Okay, you know all the fields and their importance on Pinterest, you can now start posting a link with the example below

How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Pinterest in 2019

Now that you know the basics of using Pinterest, I will be sharing some hot tips on creating Pinterest posts that get engagements and rank well on Pinterest. Just like Google, you also have to optimize your pins to get traffic, or else, you are pinning posts for nobody to view. Don’t panic, I’ve got you covered. Just make sure that you bookmark this blog already.

Before I forget, you can be pinning your affiliate links instead of the website links, and I will let you know which platforms to use that will make the process easy.

I discussed with you how you could use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. I also thought you steps to create a basic Pinterest post with their key elements such as the title

  1. Description
  2. Board and
  3. Link Placement.

Today in this article, it will be different as I will be going in-depth you are going to learn the most effective ways to

  1. Create Pinterest Boards and Post that Attract More Audience
  2. Create and Optimize Pinterest pins for Humans and Algorithms.
  3. Maintain Feet on Pinterest and Become Authority in Your Niche.
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So, without much time to be wasted, let’s get the critical Pinterest tips into action.

Create Pinterest Boards and Post that Attract More Audience

On Pinterest, you use boards to differentiate pins for the audience who visit your Pinterest profile. This is also best known as categories or sections on your Pinterest wall.

However, if your boards are not well arrange created, your visitors might get confused and may never take action on anything you have shared.

Maybe one to none will even get to click the link. Let me show you the ropes to getting a quality Pinterest board done.

To Create Pinterest boards that Attract more audience;

Craft a Better Title with CTA: Why does everything have to start with the title? Good question, because that’s what anybody will see before even opening anything you may want anybody to see.

The best titles don’t contain the “me” words or phrases; they work better with “You” words or phrases. Just focus on the target audience and think of what you will do if you were to be in their shoes.

A good CTA will do well to help you convert each visitor to an instant action taker.

Something like “Burn Your Belly Fat Eating.”

Under this board, you can be sharing only pins related to one product and the contents highlighting it’s used.

How to Create a New Board On Pinterest?

Creating a board on Pinterest is easy; you can follow the numbered steps below to learn how to add one in 3 simple steps.

  • Log in to your Pinterest account
  • Open your profile and select boards from the menu
  • Click on the Big Plus Button and Creating Meaningful Boards.

Repeat the same steps to create Boards; each board can be edited anytime.

Make Use of Quality Graphics: Pinterest is the place for little to no text, but mostly 70% graphics, both video, and Images.

So you want to make sure that every graphics that you create for each board is attention-grabbing. We will discuss more of this in section 2 of this article, make sure you read to the end.

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Create and Optimize Pinterest pins for Humans and Algorithms.

On every search platform or Social network, there is always an algo that they follow, and unless your pins match this guideline, your nails won’t rank or get seen by the right people. You will still struggle to make a good amount of traffic.

Create Meaningful Titles with Target Keywords:

Let’s say you want to rank a pin with the long tail keyword “Lose Weight Fast” You need to add more phrases like power words and a date modifier like 2021 or 2020 Some of the examples are

  • 10 Best Ways to lose weight Fast in 2020
  • Lose Weight Fast: How To Lose Weight Eating in 2020
  • Unbelievable But Insane way to Lose weight Fast in 2020

Stating all of the above titles should help you know what to do best and how to create your titles too. You can save time with an online tool that helps you generate ideas for titles, or better still use news headlines according to your needs.

Write A compelling Description For The Pin Containing The Keyword

Your keyword is “lose weight fast” if you over-optimize this keyword for the pin, it will be considered as stuffing and won’t rank appropriately for long. Panic not for I know precisely how you can go about creating a compelling title. Before I show you how below is a checklist for designing a compelling Pinterest pin description.

  • Begin the first sentence of the description with the keyword.
  • The description must contain natural language and not too hard to understand
  • A good story should be about 250 to 500 characters long
  • Keywords should appear in the report not more than two times.
  • Use questions or attention-catching sentences.

That’s even easier than I thought, so let’s see the example of a good description of the keyword “Lose weight Fast.”

Always make sure to add affiliate disclosure at the ending of each pin, this is needed so that anybody visiting should know they may purchase a product after reading. Also, some affiliate merchants mandate publishers to add closure to all their contents, so this will serve as one.

Pinterest Sample Screenshot
A complete example of a well-optimized Pinterest pin

Create Images With The Exact Same Title.

Now, this where you get to use only the title and your domain name on the featured image. The reason is that Pinterest now allows users to search for related pins utilizing a portion of any of the pin featured images. You will optimize for this for your pin to get featured in the associated searches too.

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Another way to gain followers and views on Pinterest apart from search results. Below an example of such a pin featured image.

Example of quality Pinterets featured image


Tips To Get More Pinterest Traffic and Be The Champ In Your Niche

Yes, you can be the best in your only if you do what I’m about to share with you, coupled with the ideas that I have just shared. To you, this may be one of that that menial talks but worth listening to if you want to scale up real quick, most notably the beginners.

Pin up to Ten Pins Daily

If you do up to 10 pins or more daily, you are going to be the next big thing in no time. Doing this makes your wall always fresh with contents, and with Pinterest also noticing you even more fast than average. If Pinterest also gets to your regular updates, you will be featured on the first page.

Flow with Like-Minded

Following influencers from the same niche will help you understand how space works and how to position yourself for better opportunities. Don’t just follow, learn from them by;

  • Visiting their website
  • Comment and reposting their pins
  • Asking Valuable questions
  • Seek for help
  • Respond to requests

Most importantly, don’t go to these influencers with the mindset of just getting followers or just attentions, go all-natural, be yourself on your best behavior when commenting or asking questions.

Be The DOG not The CAT

If you are going to grow bigger, focus on only your niche and what you do, no matter how slow or none-result-bringing it may seem, be the DOG you say you are and not pretend to be the cat.

I’m sure you can do this, I believe in you. Now, this is where I live everything in your hands to prosper with what I have shared today with you.

Don’t forget, Pinterest is a fantastic platform to use, and the proof is other people are making wins with it already.

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