Know Your Partner’s Temperament

Temperament has to do with how people react to circumstances in life. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people do not know their temperament as an individual. This is bought about by the psychological prevalence of an organic system such as the nervous system, circulatory or muscular systems.

Many people mistaken temperament for character or personality, but I want you to know that they are not the same, both temperament and character are part of what forms the overall personality of the individual.

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Temperament is hereditary and can not be changed, unlike a character that could be changed over time, it can only be managed. People react to the situation differently, because of the difference in temperament; and the one that predominates the individual’s reactions. Every normal human being has temperamental tendencies in him/her but is usually identified by the one that predominates and has a higher reflection in whatever he/she does.

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There Are Four Basic Types Of Temperament

  • Phlegmatic
  • Choleric
  • Melancholic
  • Sanguine


The phlegmatic person is usually a quiet, slower, and more deliberate non-combative speaker. Following their calm nature, they are not easily made angry, they are an easy-going set of human beings, and do not take situations in life too seriously.

Signs That You May Fall In This Category

  • They are usually peaceful, pacifying, kind, understanding, and diplomatic since they like to be at peace with everybody.
  • People in this category compromise easily in their relationship with their spouse; They are good listeners, which makes them good counselors.
  • The other side of them is their slower nature, not that enthusiastic, this life of theirs sometimes may make people so shun them.
  • They are very boring and like to be quiet, they cherish quietness, which makes them difficult to stay with especially for a sanguine who enjoys talking.
  • It is often difficult to understand them by their facial appearance or looks. Facially a phlegmatic may seem to be happy within, the reverse is the case.
  • The phlegmatic is an ever-dependable, stable and unchanging type, unlike the melancholy who is unstable, not steady.


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A person with this type of temperament usually has very strong willpower and personal security, which makes them a hard set of people that cannot be easily manipulated; their mind is hard to change in terms of the decision.

Signs That You May Fall In This Category

  • A choleric person is intuitive, critical in thinking, and are great achievers. They make every effort to complete any objective that they set.
  • They are cold or in most cases lack emotion, and this makes them more problematic to live or be within a relationship or marriage.
  • A choleric are perfectionists to the core and do not believe in or accept anything like imperfection.


This is the first of the two introverts and those with this kind of temperament are exceptionally analytical when it comes to thinking, usually inquisitive, likes to take any situation, dissect and examine each aspect of that situation.

The melancholy believes and thrives so much on details, unlike choleric that goes straight to the point. Melancholy does not speak about the situation until after careful analysis. The melancholic has a variety of moods, sometimes high and at another time low; he or she vacillates between different moods. At times looking depressed, confused, and withdrawn, looking very moody

Signs That You May Fall In This Category

  • This set of people finds it difficult in making an emotional adjustment to life, because of their emotional nature.
  • They are often pessimistic, apprehensive, fearful, full of constant anxiety because of their analytic and observant minds which lead them to examine situations from all sides and their possible implications.
  • The most interesting thing about them is that they cannot be easily understood, because they often have difficulty in expressing their real feelings.
  • When it comes to relationships, they show absolute, loyalty, commitment, sincerity, and are often willing to make any sacrifice.


Sanguine People with this temperament are usually a very cheerful set of people, they are so confident about the future.

Signs That You May Fall In This Category

  • They are usually optimistic and like to take risks. Due to their cheerful, confident, and optimistic nature, they appear to enjoy life more than the other people with the other temperament.
  • A Sanguine is outgoing, sociable, can mix up easily in any environment they find themselves; talk a lot, constantly laughing and always in a good mood.
  • If it comes to relationship, they are wonderful to be with as a partner; they make their relationship lively and are easily made happy.
  • Though they are cheerful, easy-going, blustery with lovable dispositions, they are difficult to live with.

It is always better for people of different temperaments to come together in a serious marriage-bound relationship rather than people with the same temperament since they will be able to use their varying ways of life to help each other to be balanced in reacting to situations and making judgments.

For your own good and the growth of your relationship, you must try to know your own temperament and even that of your partner, so that you can both know how to get along well with each other. When you can know each other’s temperament, you can both be helpful to each other.

Knowing each other’s temperament will seriously aid in the growth and success of your courtship. It will also help you to understand who you are, your uniqueness, and mutually learn to relate well, happier with each other.

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