Make Carrot juice At The Comfort Of Your Home

Carrot juice enriched with lots of health benefits, with steady intakes of carrot juice, you are sure of these listed nutritional benefits.

  • It brings us a natural way to make a glass of juice without the addition of juice flavor.
  • Taking it every day will assist us to have smooth and white skin on hot days.
  • Carrot packed with vitamins is because carrot stores minerals and vitamins which are good for our body. Especially, the carrot is very good for our eyes


Make Carrot juice At The Of Your Home

Items needed for the home recipe

  • Blending Machine
  • carrot
  • Little quantity of water ( depending on the quantity of carrot.)
  • Ice cubes
  • Yogurt ( optional)

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  • Firstly, add your slices of carrot with water into a blender
  • Blend it for some seconds, then filter the scraps.
  • Add your yogurt, ice cubes to the filtered juice to blend up the mixture.

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