How to Make Easy Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

Let’s make easy sautéed lamb with scallions.

No matter how expensive scallions are, you can’t miss the fried mutton with scallions in winter.

Ingredients on Easy Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

  • 300g leg of lamb
  • 2 sticks of green onions
  • 1 spoon of cooking wine
  • 2 spoons of soy sauce
  • 1 spoon of oyster sauce
  • 1 spoon rice vinegar
  • 2 spoons of sesame oil
  • White pepper Appropriate amount
  • Salt to taste
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Steps to make Easy Sautéed Lamb with Scallions

  • Cut the leg of lamb into thin slices, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, and white pepper powder, and finally, seal a layer of sesame oil on the outer surface.
  • Remove the old leaves of the scallions, leaving the tenders white part of the middle section, and cut them into hob pieces.
  • Heat the pan and pour in the base oil. After the oil is heated, add the mutton slices, stir-fry quickly until the mutton changes color, and then set aside.
  • Leave a little base oil in the pot, add the scallions, and stir-fry until the scallions slightly collapse.
  • Pour in the fried mutton and stir-fry over high heat. Add a little sugar to enhance the freshness, and add salt according to personal taste. If the taste is light, the saltiness in the marinade is enough. Drizzle a little vinegar on the pot’s side before serving, and then drizzle with sesame oil again.
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