How to Make Sour and Spicy White Fungus Spinach

Let’s discuss how to make delicious Sour and Spicy White Fungus Spinach.

This sour and spicy white fungus spinach is an appetizing cold dish mostly eaten In the autumn season, however, cold food is not the main diet, but an appetizer if consumed appropriately.

Basically, the white fungus has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and eliminating dryness. Usually, girls are often seen to cook white fungus soup, but cooking it is time-consuming, and generally, men don’t like to eat that sticky stuff, so it’s best to make white fungus into a dish to absorb the nutrition of white fungus and add a rich diet. Fiber, its crisp and tender “squeaky” taste also makes people like it.

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Stirring with fiber-rich spinach and raw carrot shreds not only complements each other in taste but also the cleansing effect of the whole dish. It is easy to mix this dish with ready-made chili oil, but the taste is not as good as the fresh chili oil. Use an appropriate amount of plant-fried dried chili oil, pour it into the dish, and the aroma will rise with a “noise” sound, and the halazi can’t control it anymore

Ingredients on Sour and Spicy White Fungus Spinach

  • Spinach (1 lot)
  • Tremella (1 flower)
  • Carrot (half root)
  • Oil ( 20 grams)
  • Dried red chili 4
  • garlic 4 petals
  • Balsamic vinegar 30 g
  • soy sauce 30 g
  • Spicy taste
  • Mixcraft
  • Ten minutes time consuming
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Directions on  Sour White Fungus Spinach

  • Pealed and Rinse your carrot thoroughly.
  • Cut off the roots of the white fungus and soak in cold water.
  • Put the spinach in a pot of boiling water, blanch for 2 minutes, and remove; if it is too cold water, according to personal physique and preferences, too cold water can quickly cool down, but it’s autumn, it’s best to use pure water; if it’s not cold water, it can be blanched. Spread out the spinach in a large plate or pot to quickly dissipate heat to prevent the leaves from being covered with yellow.
  •  Slice your carrots in a small cube, and then finely shredded. Because they are eaten raw, they must be finely sliced; the garlic should be finely chopped and minced.
  • Put the carrots and garlic in the bowl. This dish does not contain salt, so put more light soy sauce and more vinegar, because all the dishes are seasoned with these two seasonings; the carrots are marinated for 5 minutes, and they are fully flavored.
  • Cut spinach into 2 or 3 cm sections and put them in the carrot juice bowl.
  • Cut the white fungus into small flowers, blanch them in a pot of boiling water for 1 minute, remove them from a large plate, and let them cool naturally.
  • Dry until the warm white fungus is mixed with spinach and carrot juice.
  • Cut the dried red peppers short and put them in a small pot.
  • Pour a proper amount of oil and heat it on a low fire. When the dried red pepper is fried until you can still see the red color, remove it from the fire. The remaining temperature will further heat it to change its color.
  • Pour it in the pot while it is hot.
  • Pick out the dried chilies or leave them in the dish at will. Mix them well and you can eat them. If you can’t eat spicy ones, just drizzle some sesame oil.
  • Cold and hot and sour white fungus spinach, hot and sour appetising, nutritious, delicious, and moisturising .
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Things to Note

1. These three kinds of dishes are very good for sucking juice. The soy sauce contains lots of salt, so do not add salt to prevent excessive salt intake from affecting your health. If you like acid, you can increase the amount of vinegar. Rice vinegar, Old vinegar can be used, this dish is not suitable for sweet fruit vinegar.
2. Tremella can also be replaced with black fungus, yuba, and other side dishes. After mixing, let it stand for a while and then eat more deliciously; if you put vermicelli or vermicelli, it will appear in the end It should be mixed and eaten right now, not for a long time, lest the vermicelli becomes worse and loses elasticity.
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