Production Of Healthy Transparent Liquid Soap for Household

Let’s talk about the Production Of Healthy Transparent Liquid Soap for households.

Transparent liquid soap products are in vogue due to their attractive appearance and serve best as a hand wash, dish wash, car wash, mopping, and home cleaning. 

You can also use soap for laundry of light fabrics and also in your washing machine. 

As I said, transparent liquid soap is trending now, so follow the simple step-by-step guide to producing your 10 liters of clear and transparent liquid soap. 

Chemicals Required for Transparent Liquid Soap Products

  1. Texapon 700grams: is a foaming booster agent. It helps to form micelles that allow non-polar materials like oil to be dissolved in water.
  2. SLS 400 grams help break surface tension  (surfactant) to allow better interaction with other chemicals; it is also a very effective foaming agent.
  3. Sulphonic 250 ml: a foaming and cleaning agent. Sulphonic acid makes liquid soap more natural and is one of the best choices to add as a cleaning and foaming agent. It is an organic acid that neutralizes the corrosive effect of caustic soda  (sodium hydroxide). Sulphonic also serves as an excellent thickening agent.
  4. Caustic Soda 20 grams: stain removing and thickening agent. Caustic soda can burn your skin upon contact, and you should handle this chemical with care. Do not let it touch your skin.
  5. Glycerin 80ml: acts as a moisturizer; it is also a natural addition to the soap, beauty, and cosmetics products making process as it is odorless, colorless, and a non-toxic chemical.
  6. Cooking Salt 300g: Industrial salt helps to reduce the harsh strength of chemicals used in soap, beauty, and sanitary products production.
  7. Perfume 30ml (use lemon or strawberry ): Perfumes come in different flavors and help add a nice and sweet-smelling fragrance to your products. Trying different combinations has led me to discover unique scents for my customers’ products.
  8. Colour 1 small wrap: helps add visual beauty to your product.
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The formula I am about to teach you is unique, so pay close attention and follow all the steps carefully to produce a very transparent and clear yet high-quality liquid soap that foams and cleans very well.

Many people are attracted to the transparent soap that is trending in the market now.

You can produce for your personal use or sale.

You will be wowed with the clarity of this soap when packaged in transparent containers.

Production Process of Transparent Liquid Soap Products

STEP 1: Soak your SLS 400grams into 8litres of water 1 hour before the production

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STEP 2: Soak your caustic soda into 2litres of water 1 hour before production AFTER 1 HOUR 

STEP 3: Add your texapon 700grams into an empty bowl/bucket. Get a big bucket that will comfortably contain 10 liters with spilling out as you stir. 

STEP 4: Add your salt 250 grams out of the 300 grams into the texapon and stir it gently to mix. Keep the 50 grams for later. 

STEP 5: Add sulphonic acid 250ml into your already soaked caustic soda and stir gently to blend. A chemical reaction will take place between these 2 chemicals. 

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STEP 6: Add your already dissolved SLS gradually into the mixed texapon and salt and stir as you do. When finished, stir for 15mins to blend well.

STEP 7: Add your mixed caustic soda and sulphonic acid into your production and stir very well for 10 minutes. (Leave the solution to clear for at least 6hrs) 


STEP 8: Add your Glycerin 80ml into your soap and stir very well to blend. 

STEP 9: Mix your color with a small quantity of water, like 100ml, before adding it to your solution. Never add your color directly into your production. 

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Stir everything very well to blend. At this point, if you feel your soap is not so thick, remember the remaining 50 grams in STEP 4 above? 

Add in the remaining 50 grams of salt directly into the production and stir very well. 

I repeat, don’t add more than 50 grams; too much salt can get your soap to be watery instead, so be sure of your quantities. 

If you feel your soap is okay and you don’t need to add the extra 50 grams, you can leave it and proceed to your last chemical, perfume. 

STEP 10: Add your perfume of choice and stir very well to blend. Follow the tip below.  

(Depending on your choice of perfume, if you decide to use lemon perfume, kindly  scoop out a little quantity of your solution, add your lemon perfume, stir a bit before you  add into the main production and stir everything to blend well)

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Follow the simple steps above and produce clear transparent liquid soap products that will foam and clean excellently.

May I also add that one question I get a lot is;

I want to produce 5 liters; I want to produce 20 liters,  50 liters.

Remember the section on chemical measurements where I taught you how to do your conversions, also break down your quantities.

If you are producing less than the quantities used in the formulas here, reduce each chemical quantity.

If you want to produce more, increase the quantity of each chemical.

May I also let you know that some chemical sellers usually sell minimal quantities, so you may not buy chemicals for small production quantities.

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